5 Ways to work 70’s trends into your style






If you’re a fan of runway or even street fashion for that matter then you had to have noticed all of the 70’s influenced trends this season.
Hello bell bottoms and fringe!
Not everyone can pull off bell bottoms or the full hippy look and I for one don’t fancy bell bottoms personally, I’ve had maybe two pairs that I absolutely loved but it’s rare for me.  So today I wanted to share 5 70’s inspired ways to amp up your look, most of which you may already have!

  • Aviators – the go to sunnies of the 70’s, make them your go-to as well
  • Fringe– Clothing, shoes, accessories, bags… seriously just add fringe. I chose this fringed bag and have found it to be so versatile, it’s definitely become an everyday bag for me.
  • Wooden heeled Mary-Janes– Mary janes are a must but the wooden heel of these gives them the retro feel to amp up any outfit, not to mention the added stability when walking, which I need and love.
  • Bold Blouse– Look for bold patterns (geometric, floral, abstract) the addition of bright bold colors really ups the 70’s feel but I’m a black and white kind of girl and this print needed no help.
  • Tousled Hair– Let your hair go natural for a look reminiscent of this laidback decade. I loosely curled my hair using a 2in wand then ran my fingers through it for a natural wavy look








Groovy huh?
Xx Sylvia

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