How to Elevate Your Outfit


I can’t stress the importance of accessorizing enough. You wouldn’t leave for the day without your shoes on. Well, I think a few accessories are just as important!

Imagine I was just wearing the tank and shorts without one piece of jewelry or additional details, easy-classic, black and white look right? Perfectly fine. Your run of the mill, basic look-but I’m not your run of the mill, basic girl. At least not everyday and you know exactly what I mean. There are some days you want  to add a touch of glam, or maybe you’re into trendy touches, boho flair even. Enter accessories, what you choose to add to that black and white outfit is what makes it your own-makes it you. Choice pieces are what takes this look from feeling casual to dressy, what sets the vibe.

This look is a classic transitional look if you live in the south. I’m starting to incorporate Fall vibes with the material choices and accessories but have to take into consideration the high temps that are still very real. So even though I’m wearing shorts they are a faux leather and the skinny scarf doesn’t add much warmth but the velvet sheen is another touch of fall in a subtle way. I’m taking this basic tank and shorts combo and injecting the vibes I want you to take away from the outfit with my accessories. By keeping my bracelet, watch, hat and shoes in earth tones I’m able to to inject even more warmth into an otherwise stark look.





Tank: Forever 21
Shorts: H&M, similar, & a vegan option
Scarf: Zara, similar (& love the subtle print!) Under $5 here
Bucket Bag: Nordstrom, similar, under $15 and here’s a vegan option
Hat: Luxe Apothetique
Bangle: Ted Baker
Watch: Timex
Mules: Similar

What’s your go-to accessory?

Xx Sylvia

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