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Hey dolls, happy Monday! I swear this weekend flew by faster than most and it was our first really cold weekend here in Austin. Shooting on Saturday was near impossible with all of the wind, I’m talking hair flying everywhere, eyes watering and all around freezing. Oh the struggle. I’m seriously contemplating taking Terry Richardson style shoots all of winter in place of braving the cold outside, what do you think? White wall, flash photography, yeah? We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are both coming up this week! Do you have any big family plans or Friendsgiving traditions? We always spend Thanksgiving with my boyfriend Jake’s family. We make it an all day affair starting around noon we usually head over, eat around 2PM, board games, football, naps, more food around 5PM, more games and visiting, then dessert. I don’t come from a big family and I am not really in contact with much of my family besides my brother and grandma so I really enjoy being able to spend the holidays with Jake’s family who over the past ten years have definitely become mine as well. His mom is an amazing cook and until this year I’ve never brought a dish, I know I’m terrible but I just couldn’t compare before, this year though I found the perfect creamed corn recipe (here) and am so excited to share it with the fam. If you’ve ever eaten at Rudy’s BBQ this recipe is a copycat but my boyfriend says this creamed corn is even better than theirs and I have to agree.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?
Xx Sylvia

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