Athletic Inspired Fashion


Out of all of the athletic inspired trends the shorts have really been high on my radar. These shorts in particular, I love, they were my first pair of athletic look shorts.


Because my fashion choices tend to lean more towards a classic, ladylike style with just a touch of trendy I knew I would be mixing these shorts more often than not with more classic pieces so I went with white just to have a nice neutral pair in my rotation.WHITE-SHORTS-ATHLETIC-NEUTRALS-GLAM-STYLIST-CLASSIC-SUMMER-STYLE-FIXIN-TO-THRILL-AUSTIN-FASHION-BLOG-TEXAS-3

I’ve worn these shorts with everything, they are so versatile! I styled the shorts in a classic Sylvia fashion today, keeping everything neutral and fresh with just a pop of flirty leopard print on the shoe.WHITE-SHORTS-ATHLETIC-NEUTRALS-GLAM-STYLIST-CLASSIC-SUMMER-STYLE-FIXIN-TO-THRILL-AUSTIN-FASHION-BLOG-TEXAS-4



 This is one of my favorite sheer tops, hence the reason you’ve seen it on the blog already. Yes, I’m a repeat offender, I’m a real girl. lol. I got this shirt for $15 at a local boutique called Strut, if you live in Austin you know and have been to Strut, right?WHITE-SHORTS-ATHLETIC-NEUTRALS-GLAM-STYLIST-CLASSIC-SUMMER-STYLE-FIXIN-TO-THRILL-AUSTIN-FASHION-BLOG-TEXAS-7

 I’m not sure if they do it anymore but OMG, Strut used to have this huge 40% off everything sale every first Thursday of the Month. That was when I grabbed this beauty literally years ago. You gotta get there early and wear a cross body bag so you have both arms free it can be a free for all. But hey, all is fair in love and fashion and especially for the love of fashion.WHITE-SHORTS-ATHLETIC-NEUTRALS-GLAM-STYLIST-CLASSIC-SUMMER-STYLE-FIXIN-TO-THRILL-AUSTIN-FASHION-BLOG-TEXAS-8

This is one of those looks that feels so me. Don’t you love leaving the house feeling so completely cute while also feeling 100% yourself?WHITE-SHORTS-ATHLETIC-NEUTRALS-GLAM-STYLIST-CLASSIC-SUMMER-STYLE-FIXIN-TO-THRILL-AUSTIN-FASHION-BLOG-TEXAS-9

How have you rocked the Athletic trend?
Xx Sylvia

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