Austin, the new “Windy City”?




I don’t know if it’s just me but lately, say the last year or so, Austin has gotten extremely windy. Windier than I ever remember it being before. It’s worth noting, this is not the norm. I know this as a matter of fact because I love a cute sundress and seriously live in them in the spring/summertime, but so far it has been impossible. I’ve had far more Marilyn moments in just this short part of the year than probably all of the previous years combined.

That wasn’t an exaggeration or anything.

But seriously, it’s bad. We may have to steal the whole “Windy City” title because I was just in Chicago and I don’t remember it being close to this windy. I attempted to hold down the fly-ups by layering this super structured, nautical themed blazer but it did little more than up my chic factor. Not mad at that, not at all.




Blazer: Ralph Lauren (similar & On Sale)  | Dress: Forever 21  |  Tote: H&M (Similar)  |  Shoes: Sam Edelman  | Gold Ring: Here |  Watch: Marc Jacobs  |  Make Up: Foundation




Having a Marilyn Moment
Xx Sylvia

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