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Have I mentioned how much I love the beach? I’m obsessed! I belong in a beach town, I love living in Austin but as soon as I go on a vacation to anywhere with a beach (especially South Beach, Miami) I get this immediate sense of belonging there. My body feels at home. Shorts, sandals, sunnies and oversized hats, it’s all right up my alley. I tried to snap some outfits to share with you from my recent trip but in all honesty, I didn’t get as many as I would’ve liked to because I HAD to get to the water. I had to guys!! This is a look that I rocked for brunch at one of the most darling little brunch spots, you may have seen my instagram where I mentioned The Local House. This restaurant was just steps away from where we were staying and I’m pretty sure a few of my friends ate there daily for breakfast, it’s that good! If you’re ever in the South Beach, Miami area you HAVE to check it out and if you eat like me get the French toast you guys!  So delicious!!


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The Local House, South Beach, Miami


Already missing the beach
Xx Sylvia

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