But First Coffee with Brick Street Co.

Fixin to Thrill| Austin Coffee Shop

Fixin to Thrill| Austin Coffee Shop

To say that I have to have coffee daily is an understatement, it’s an addiction and not just any coffee will do, I’m very particular. Years ago we had a coffee shop here in Austin called Scooter’s Coffee House, everyday, sometimes twice a day I would go get a French Vanilla Latte(FVL); sometimes hot, sometimes cold but always delicious. They had the best FVL’s EVER, I remember when I moved across town I would go early and buy two iced FVL’s but have no ice in the second one to save as my mid day pick me up; after 5 years of going everyday with this kind of dedication I pulled up to a sign on the drive thru speaker saying that they were “Closed, For Good”. MY LIFE WAS OVER! I still had like $16 on my reloadable Scooters card and had racked up at least 4 free coffees I hadn’t claimed yet. This was devastating, I wandered around aimlessly trying terrible coffee after terrible coffee, resorting to chain coffee shops like The Coffee Bean or Starbucks and having to change what I order to Chai’s and seasonal blends. Not to mention I was no longer a “regular” at any of these places. There’s something comforting about walking into a place and knowing the people helping you, them remembering your name and order (I’m a creature of habit, can’t you tell) and making small talk that doesn’t just feel like small talk. Familiarity, I love it.

Fixin to Thrill| Austin Coffee Shop


Losing my favorite coffee shop pushed me to try a bunch of new places & today I thought I would share my new favorite coffee shops around Austin, these are places you can always count on getting a great cup of coffee.

  • Cafe Medici– with multiple locations and an amazing atmosphere with indoor/outdoor seating this was an easy pick and the location for today’s shoot/latte.
  • Jo’s Coffee– on South Congress is also a great place to people watch, I love going really early in the morning in summer before the day gets too hot with my pup. You may have seen the side of this building if any of your friends have visited Austin. This place is photo op central.
  • Mozarts– Coffee on the lake, need I say more? The beautiful deck sits right on the water and during the holidays they have an amazing Christmas light show paired with festive music.
  • Summermoon– It’s the Moon Milk, OMG you have to try the Wintermoon, with a little sweeter of a taste this coffee will get you going for the day. So much energy without any bite.
  • Kick Butt Coffee– This is a fun place that also serves alcohol and hosts an open mic night
  • Cafe 605– My new favorite spot located in the Hotel Van Zandt, has tons of outlets which makes it perfect to camp out and get work done.

Fixin to Thrill| Austin Coffee Shops

Fixin to Thrill| Austin Coffee Shops


Blazer: Nordstrom
Tank: c/o Brick Street Co
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Sunglasses: Shein
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Xx Sylvia

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