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I’ve never been one for wearing a lot of colors, unless you count my first semester of 7th grade at which time I became completely obsessed with toe socks and probably wore more colors on my feet than a clown at any given time. But let’s leave that in the past,  I’ve grown a lot since then. Seriously. That being said as I’ve matured I’ve seen my closet turn into an endless selection of black, white, grey, beige and/or a mixture of them all but come spring I’m a completely different animal. It’s like that 12 year old Sylvia is inside just poking her way out one color at a time, a yellow here, some pink there and well, today, chartreuse. I am obsessed with this top I grabbed from Forever 21, as soon as I spotted this color I knew I needed it and what made me love it even more is the fact that it’s 1 of a 2 piece set, that’s right it has a matching skirt. Unfortunately for me the skirt was sold out in my size at my local store but pleeeease believe me when I say it will be ordered online.




Until I get that adorable matching skirt this leather look, circle skirt (here) can totally take it’s place.  Today I paired this outfit with some strappy black heels (close) , a vintage necklace (very similar), circle sunnies (here) and my new cuff (here) that sorry I’m not sorry but you will be seeing on repeat, I love it.






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I’m off to take over the world.
Xx Sylvia

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