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Wearing: Jacket: Forever 21 | Top: Joe Fresh (currently 90% off) | Jeans: Banana Republic (similar & on sale) | Heels: Aldo | Scarf: c/o Lily and Shi | Sunnies: Prada c/o Ditto | Tote: Forever 21

A few years back I was OBSESSED with three things, champagne, rings and sunglasses to the point that I was buying these items more than anything else, almost daily. I even went through the popping out the lenses but wearing the frames phase. Buffalo Exchange used to be one of my favorite places to find both rings and sunnies, especially when I was wanting something very unique or ones to ‘customize’. I could always count on walking in and finding at the very least one of each, always inexpensive but rarely designer. At one point I had over 30 pairs of sunglasses, which now that I’m thinking about it I have no idea what happened to over half of them (insert super sad face). You remember your early 20’s when you shared everything with your girlfriends and only got half of it back? Ah, those days.

Fast forward to today and what have I stumbled upon, Endless Eyewear from Ditto, a monthly subscription service for designer sunglasses and even prescription glasses. It’s all in the name, endless you guys, wear a pair for as long as you’d like then exchange them for the next pair all for $24 a month (prescription $34). I decided to start with this pair of pale pink Prada sunnies, trendier than what I would typically choose but that’s exactly what the service is for, trying new thangs. If you head over to www.ditto.com you can even try on a pair virtually to ensure they’ll be exactly what you want! Don’t forget to use my code “FIXINTOTHRILL” to get your first month on me!

Xx Sylvia

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