Friday Fix: Balmain x H&M

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the intricately designed Balmain x H&M collection that launched yesterday. There was faux fur in shades of emerald and crimson, suede accent pieces as well as velvet tops and dresses ornately embroidered with rhinestones and beading. Balmain brought it you guys and if you weren’t one of the lucky 420 people let into select stores to shop the collection first or one of the early birds who hopped online just in time to score a coveted piece then you also know that everything is sold out. I, like most people, was not able to get my hands on a piece but that didn’t stop me from heading over to H&M online and drooling over everything. My favorite pieces were definitely the Suede Thigh-High boots, the emerald structured Suede Handbag, the over my budget Beaded Velvet Jacket and the Leather and Faux Fur Jacket which was surprisingly affordable but also sold out. After seeing ‘sold out’ after ‘sold out’ I decided to get creative and look for similar pieces elsewhere, you guys I found an exact dupe to the Color block skirt for only $14 from Boohoo. Look over the collection it won’t disappoint, even if just for inspiration.

& don’t forget to scroll through some dupes and similar pieces I’ve found for less:

Which were your favorite pieces from the collection?
Xx Sylvia


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  • Erika Sorocco

    Le sigh…everything is so breathtaking – I seriously want it all!


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