Friday Fix: All of the Chicest Belts Available Right Now

Friday Fix: All of the Chicest Belts Available Right Now

I’ve been a bit belt obsessed lately! It all started with my fanny pack, which hello, why didn’t I include fanny’s or belt bags in this round up? So dumb! I’ll have to make another post with ones I love. Although I do talk about fanny packs in this post, so there’s that too. Though I didn’t add any of my faves sooo. ¬†Anyway, back to belts for now. I used to be a big belt person back when studded styles were big, like 2008-2010. Since then I’ve worn very few belts, to be honest I was scarred by “on this day” memories from Facebook from that era. It’s all teased hair, Ed Hardy, studded belts and level 3 spray tans…it’s Jersey Shore, because well, that’s the best way to describe it. I’ve tried to stay far away from anything that reminded me of something from those photos until recently. I’m really digging studded belts again. I’m not even ashamed. I’ve actually been browsing styles of all sorts recently and today I decided to share my absolute favorites available!

Xx Sylvia

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