Friday Fix: Christmas Decor

Fixin to Thrill | Christmas Decor

This weekend we’re getting our Christmas tree and you guys, I had initially thought we were getting it last weekend so needless to say, this was the longest week of my life. I cannot wait to set this tree up. My box of ornaments and other Christmas decor has been sitting in my dining room for what feels like a month. I always add new pieces each year and this year I’ve found myself gravitating towards very “white wonderland” feeling pieces which even inspired a DIY that I’ll share soon! Today I wanted to share a short round up of some of the festive items that have been frequenting my online carts! I’ve been scoping out everything from kitchen towels (here), place card holders (here), cutesy stocking garland (here) and especially throw pillows (here). My poor boyfriend has to deal with a complete winter wonderland, but like I always tell him, it’s just for one month out of the year.

Xx Sylvia

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