Friday Fix: Chunky Knits & Cozy Sweaters

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I’m not kidding when I say I can’t stop thinking of fall. We’re here dealing with the hottest days so far this summer, meanwhile, I’m ordering sweaters and coats online. It makes waiting for my packages a little easier knowing it’ll be months before I can actually wear the stuff, if I want to be all glass half full.

Today I wanted to share some of the knits I’ve been eyeing, because come on, you can’t do fall/winter without stocking up on some knits. I’ve noticed myself being drawn to greys, greens and blues a lot this season but no more so than in outerwear. Longline cardis will dominate my wardrobe this year, I’m obsessed you guys. For someone who is forever freezing being able to basically wear a throw blanket with arms while still looking completely chic is the holy grail to me. I’ve tried to make a snuggie work and it just wont, this is a much better alternative. Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, in every color and size I’m coming for all of them. My sweater collection is growing pretty rapidly, you would think it was the collection of Canadian not a Texan. I may have more knit sweaters than bikinis, no, I do.

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