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It’s finally Friday you guys!! After spending half of the week with no internet ie NO NETFLIX, yeah…can you even deal? No you couldn’t, it’s been hard! Anywho, like I was saying it’s time for some shopping. The next item from my Fall Shopping Guide (which I made here) is more than an item, its a color or rather two. Fall has it’s colors so saying Navy & Emerald are going to be big for fall is not far fetched or a remarkable statement in any way, it’s kind of a given. The season is just right for those hues.

However, this fall more than any other fall before I’ve really been eyeing these two colors.

So I think it’s safe to declare that Emerald and Navy will be making many appearances throughout the season on the blog. Which will probably be nice, are you bored with my black and white yet? No? It’s black and white, you’re right, what was I thinking? I’ve been seeing piece after piece in these two shades and have been especially smitten with the classic/trendy approach,  like the sequined midi dress above. This dress makes a statement am I right? It looks so modern, so chic, so glam, yet so classic. The trick is finding the perfect shade that has that bold, luxuriousness to it.

What colors are you looking forward to for fall?
Xx Sylvia

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