Friday Fix: Fall Shopping Guide

This week I wanted to share my bare bones fall shopping list aka the one I usually put together before deciding which trendy pieces to work in. Next week I’m going to share with you guys which trends from the runways I’m really excited about trying out!  Today though, is going to be all about the essentials, the pieces that are all too necessary for fall. Let’s jump right in!

  • Long Sleeve Maxi Dress  Seriously at the top of my list for a reason, I’m looking for not just any maxi but the maxi that will fit my style while also bringing in the elegance found on the runways this season, elegant but still with whimsy. This will be an investment piece.
  • Cardigans  Not your typical, preppy, girl next door cardigans but long, over sized, cozy cardigans in neutral colors. Specifically black, charcoal grey, beige and maybe even a deep hunter green. I love the laid-back vibes that ooze from this garment and a solid medium weighted one will last throughout Christmas if you’re here in Texas.
  • Black Ankle Boots  Well duh, who doesn’t have black boots? But I need some legit ankle boots, currently I only have a calf height boot and my always cool, Jeffrey Campbell Brit Boot which I love but for this season I really want a shorter boot possibly with a cutout of some sort.
  • Navy & Emerald  Lately I’ve found myself really gravitating towards deep, rich greens and blues. These colors feel very natural but still luxurious, especially when done in silks and satin’s.
  • Cropped Turtle Neck  I foresee high-waisted everything this season and I don’t do a high waist without a crop
  • Slip Dress  Perfect for layering under sweaters and jackets for a little added va-va-voom, the peak of silk and lace under chunky knits is perfection in my eyes, classic cool girl style.
  • Hair Extensions  It’s colder, it makes sense to add layers, why shouldn’t that apply to my hair. I always wear my extensions more throughout the colder months it’s just too hot in the summer. I recently, as in Tuesday, got my hair colored a nice brown-black that I’ll probably keep up with through January, because new year, new hair but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! These extensions are the best of the best!
  • Black Felt Hat  Well overdue, I have been needing a new black felt hat since SXSW when it was stolen out of a DJ booth, like who does that? That was the last time I got to wear that beauty, we had been through a lot together. With fall air blowing your hair literally everywhere a hat is always necessary. I definitely just sounded like Dr Seuss, right?
  • Leather Jacket  So, I have an extremely chic, really fierce leather jacket that I absolutely love and I really don’t want to replace  just yet ( I got it last year!) so I’m hoping I can get it repaired. I have no idea what happened, I just pulled out some of my coats a couple weeks ago to reorganize and yes, I put it on only to find what looks like little scissor cuts on the back of my jacket. Four to be exact.
  • Classic Crew Neck LS Shirts  There is nothing like a well fitting, long sleeved, crew neck shirt in a solid color. Absolute must have in my closet. This is the perfect layering piece and it can be dressed up or down.
  • Deep Red Lipstick  Berry, brick, garnet, ruby, whatever color compliments your skin shade, get one and work it!
  • Faux Fur Scarf/Snood  The best thing for chilly nights since actual chili. I don’t support using real fur so I’ll only be sporting furs of the faux variety but sport them I will. Fur has such a glam vibe about it and its one of the best materials for keeping warm. Just stick to faux fur please ladies.

Here are a few ways to style these pieces!

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Which look is your favorite?
Xx Sylvia

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