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Halloween is one of those holidays where you feel like you’re either in or you’re out. You’re dressing up and getting all in the spirit, I’m talking candy and parties or nothing at all. Today I wanted to share a couple (budget friendly) alternatives to a costume this year because lets be real, some years you just don’t feel like going all in. I personally got myself a cute little skeleton top from Pink and Silver Fashion (here) to sport tomorrow, I shared a flatlay on my Instagram here. It’s so cute, I love it! Picking up a top or dress with a themed print or quote is a very simple way to show your spirit casually and inexpensively.

A week or two back a few blogger buds and I got together with some lovely ladies from Priv, the mobile beauty and wellness company, for Halloween makeovers (here) and if I were actually doing something tomorrow night this would be the route I’d be going. If you’ve never done creepy or exaggerated makeup for Halloween you absolutely have to try it at least once, it’s so fun. You look into the mirror and it’s the craziest thing the way it transforms you into the character.

The easiest and sometimes most inexpensive way, I say sometimes because I’ve seen some that cost a small fortune so depending on your fanciness, is to just buy a mask to wear. I’ve seen so many different varieties of masks, from scary, grotesque, to elegant and chic(pictured above) so the possibilities are really endless. Not to mention you can decide to dress in something that compliments the mask of stay as casual as you’d like. No matter what you decide to do there are so many options to show your holiday spirit this year.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!
Xx Sylvia

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