Friday Fix: The Statement Clutch

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This week I’ve really been on the hunt for a statement clutch or rather a couple. Every year in April I go on a birthday trip with a group of friends, lately to Miami and this year is no different we’ll be spending a lovely 4 days and 3 nights in south beach. Ah, cannot wait. So anywho, all this week everyone has been texting about travel arrangements and general planning excitement and all I can think about is how last year I had this great LBD and wanted THE statement clutch to go with it. Only I thought of that like the day before I was flying out and it was online (of course). This year I refused to wait til the last minute and end up without. So even though I don’t quite know what I want to wear considering it’s two months away, I do know the outfits will more than likely be based around one or more of these super cute clutches (all under $500)

Xx Sylvia

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