Friday Fix: Turtle/High Neck Crop Tops

Fixin to Thrill | Austin Style Blog: Friday Fix Fall Crop Tops

Just because the temps will eventually start to dip is no reason to pack the crop tops away… quite the contrary, these cuties are the perfect layering piece to complete a number of different styles. Use in place of any top you’d have tucked into a high-waisted bottom, this way you get the same streamlined look minus the bulk that tucking in can and usually does cause.

The fall crop top is heavier materials, your knits and knit blends¬†along with warmer colors and of course, the long sleeves. This fall in particular I’m really looking for crops with a high neck or turtle neck. I know turtle necks aren’t everybody’s thing but I’ve always been quite partial.

Check out these fall crops:

Xx Sylvia

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