Friday Fix: Velvet


Velvet is such a fun fabric, it can be intimidating at times, see velvet bodycon dress, but for the most part I love velvet especially during the holidays. However, I do know a lot of people who won’t wear it, its “too much” they say and sometimes yeah, I could definitely see that but too much is fine during the holidays. Right? Too much food, too much family time, too much shopping, so why not wear something that you would typically think was “too much”?

Adding an accessory is a great way to work this touch-worthy fabric into your wardrobe especially if you’re one of those apprehensive people. Try a velvet headband a la Blair Waldorf or a festive purse with glamorous detailing. My favorite way to work velvet in has to be by wearing it in blazer form¬†over classic pieces, dark or black skinny jeans and essentially any top. If you’re really brazen try a maxi dress or skirt and go big!

Xx Sylvia

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