Getting Off the Shoulder Ready with TKO

Off the shoulder styles are EVERYWHERE for Spring and with all of the bare shoulder options it’s time to get mine in tip top shape. Shoulders & arms have to be my favorite things to workout because you see results almost immediately. I recently was gifted a set of TKO Resistance bands and they have been life changing, you can literally workout everything with them. I’m not a big gym-goer, I like to workout outdoors or even do a workout video from time to time. My main thing is outdoor workouts; I have a hike and bike trail in my neighborhood equipped with several workout stations and a large field to do yoga, squats, lunges or any other bootcamp workouts. I throw my water bottle, TKO resistance bands and my sweat towel (yeah its that real) in a small backpack and I’m a one woman gym. I can use the four way resistance bands to workout literally everything; arms, legs, abs and back. So today I thought I would share some of my favorite shoulder workouts to do, utilizing the TKO Resistance bands.


Overhead Press:

  • Starting with your feet shoulder width apart, insert them into two of the resistance band’s handles and take the opposite two handles in each hand
  • Grip each handle with palms facing each other (your thumbs should be at your chest)
  • Press straight up while rotating your palms forward as you extend
  • Return to starting position. Do 10-12 reps and 3 sets to complete cycle

Forward Raise:

  • Stand shoulder width apart with feet in two of the handles, grip the other two handles in your hands.
  • Grip the other two handles with your palms facing in at your sides
  • Raise one arm upwards in front of you, level with your shoulders with palms facing down
  • Return to start position, do 8-10 reps per arm and 3 sets to complete

Lateral Raise:

  • Similar to the previous move, stand in the same position
  • Raise your arm upwards and to the side, parallel with your shoulder
  • Return arm to the starting position, do 8-10 reps per arm and 3 sets to complete

Xx Sylvia

Get yours here:

*You can do any of these workouts using free hand weights or resistance bands.

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