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Can we talk about girl dates and shirt dresses? What do they have in common you ask? They are both so essential to a stress free life, that’s what! In different ways sure, but that’s not the point. Today I threw on my lightweight leather jacket over this bone colored dress from Urban Outfitters to go meet up with some girl friends for a much needed girl day of shopping, salons and happy hour. It’s so easy getting caught up in the routine of everything and feeling like you’re losing touch. It feels good knowing I have a whole day to spend with two of my oldest friends catching up and cutting up.  Excited to get out of the house and done with my errands in order to meet up and start the day I was looking for “chic, but easily thrown together” today. Cute enough to go hangout with girlfriends at happy hour but comfortable enough to run by the post office, pick up dog food etc.  I always feel like I’m somehow cheating when I throw on a day dress, like it shouldn’t be that easy to look so cute or rather, it can be that easy but one piece and you’re done…ONE piece. Mind blown. Collared shirt dresses definitely up the coolness factor because if you’re anything like me you are just obsessed with menswear inspired pieces. Insta-Cool. I’m always big on rings and today was no different, I recently picked up this House of Harlow 1960 ring on sale for only $20 and it has been a constant companion to my left hand, finished off with my favorite pair of strappy sandals and this was the quickest I’ve ever been up and ready to go, but well, with this incentive HELLO!

Fixin to Thrill: A blog for fashion lovers, duh


Fixin to Thrill: A blog for fashion lovers, duh


Fixin to Thrill: A blog for fashion lovers, duh

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