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 Did you used to do something as a child that you really loved but you no longer make time for? Of course, I don’t know anyone that that statement wouldn’t apply to. Well after some of my own reflection I’ve noticed how much I’ve lost touch with my creative side. I think back and for as long as I can remember I have always loved to read, draw, paint, color, make excel spreadsheets (ok that may just be my slight OCD and definitely something I still do often) and just create in general. Along with getting this blog set up over the past couple of months I’ve also tried to reconnect with my creativity in other ways such as painting, DIY projects and my personal favorite, going to galleries.

Fixin To Thrill: A blog for fashion lovers, duh

grayDUCK Gallery |  Austin, TX

Fixin To Thrill: A blog for fashion lovers, duh

I was lucky to catch this thought provoking exhibit recently at grayDUCK and had to share it!

Fixin To Thrill: A blog for fashion lovers, duh

 Taking in an exhibit is so much more than looking at a few pictures, it’s moving, it’s awe inspiring and it’s motivational in some ways. This exhibit was no exception, each artist has such a unique gift and an even more unique way of expressing it. When I first walked in to grayDUCK Gallery I was immediately drawn to two pieces of art displayed next to each other from Jenny Granberry’s collection, in one a calm, serene and care free face fading into a deep blue, the other displayed what I could only describe as strain, the gritted teeth and the veins protruding from the neck which all lead to a fiery red. These two pieces of art were in such contrast to each other yet so cohesive and relatable.


As I moved around the gallery I found myself stopped in front of a piece of art that begs you to try to walk on past…it’s truly impossible. The eggplant background and bright orange details draw you in to this statement making work. It exuded a “take it or leave it” attitude that I admired immediately. What I considered to be the boldest of the bold work contributed by artist Jaelah Kuehmichel. A collection that truly explores the grey area between feminine and masculine in the LGBT community.


Finally I arrived at the fun and unexpected collection from Joe Sinness which is decribed as “cinematic performance and sexual desire filtered through the genre of still life”. These super realistic drawings based off of photographs are in one word astounding.
He drew these, let that sink in.

sweet lame pillowbiter

This exhibit is going on now at grayDUCK Gallery but only until February 8, 2015.
Thur-Sat 11-6pm & Sun 12-5pm
You don’t want to miss this.

Xx Sylvia

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