21, 03, 2015





I saw three other girls wearing this tank, luckily on different days but never the less it should be known that this simple tank that I scored on a random trip to Target owned SXSW 2015. I don’t blame them, it was such an easy choice to throw on and fitting considering I ran into sooo many homies, both old and recent. I love the shape of this shirt, it’s a little shorter in the front without being a full on crop top length, THAT, my friends I’m not quite ready for. It also has a longer hem line in the back which for reasons unknown I always seem to gravitate towards.


homies3 homies4





|   P   I   E   C   E   D    O   U   T   |

I’m so sad SXSW is over after today, it’s become such a routine for me get up, get ready and get back downtown lately.
How will I live?

Xx Sylvia

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