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Hey you guys, I’ve been super excited to share this collaboration with you. When Le Motto reached out to me about gifting me a shirt I first did my research, as I always do. Its important to me to check whether or not the brand reaching out to me has a style that’s in line with my personal one, I’ll never accept items that I don’t truly love. Mostly because I don’t ever want to steer you guys in the wrong direction.

When I got onto the Le Motto site I immediately headed to the “About” section to learn a little more about the concept behind the shirts and that’s when I truly fell in love. Vaiana’s reasoning behind starting Le Motto is candidly genuine and something that we can all relate to, words and the effect they have on us. She started designing the shirts after seeing a little girl at Disney wearing the infamous “I want to be Barbie because that b**** has everything” shirt. Appalled by the discouraging messages that were all too common she set out to create a product that could inspire, encourage and uplift through words and you guys that’s exactly what she did.

I got the “We are all cool kids” top because it spoke to me for a couple reasons. Firstly, I have such a soft heart when it comes to bullying and am always looking for ways to advocate against it in every form. We are all cool kids for me translates to we are all equal and when you see yourself as an equal with your peers you are more likely to respect them by treating them in a manner you would like to be treated. Secondly, it got me thinking about blogging and all of the wonderful blogger babes that are killing it even right here in my hometown. Although people would think that there would be this high level of competition and jealousy between us girls it’s the complete opposite. We all do our best to support and encourage each other. We are able to understand and accept that though we may have common interests and possibly goals, we have unique styles and approaches and theres room for us all.

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Which is your Le Motto?
Xx Sylvia 

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  • Raysa Garcia

    @lemotto it’s one of my Fave website, they’re are so inspiring. I’m in love with this whole look! You styled that top so well. Also Your hair looks fab❤️
    Xox, Raysa

    • Thank you doll face!!! Picking this top was soooo hard, I wanted them all! haha

      XX Sylvia

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