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I’m such a “dress” girl, I always have been. I can still vividly remember throwing the hugest tantrum of my life in fourth grade when my grandma told me it was too cold to wear a dress to class, I needed to wear pants. I was not having it. I screamed, I sobbed, I stomped and I threw every pair of jeans she suggested out of my room into the hallway…I wanted to wear a dress dammit. I wore a dress like everyday up until then, a dress or a skirt. I’m a girl and at that age being a girl meant wearing things only girls could wear. Long story short, grandma won and I had to go to school in jeans, red faced and all but I always think back to that time on freezing days where I forgo the jeans and opt for a dress instead. Why didn’t my grandma just let me wear pantyhose or tights? Because I was 8 years old? NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON! Just kidding grandma, we’re good now.



 I will say, midi-dresses have really played a key role in allowing me to wear dresses in all seasons. The longer length feels more appropriate in colder months than a mini dress and body-con styles especially are great for layering.







I’m always looking for new items in general to add to my wardrobe but dresses stay the longest in rotation.
Here are my favorite midi dresses at the moment all under $50:

Xx Sylvia

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