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Fixin to Thrill: A blog for Fashion Lovers

I wear black nail polish year round, it’s one of my favorite nail colors after nude, but there’s just a very natural feeling having black nails in October. I did this mani all by myself with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Blacky O and seriously, it lasted forever and looked like a professional had done it. I have a new go-to nail polish!

Fixin to Thrill: A blog for Fashion Lovers

Next year I vow to host or co-host (any takers?) a Halloween party and go all out with my costume but this year, nothing, not even scary movies really. OK, not even scary movies at all. I love scary movies, no, I love the idea of a scary movie but more times than not horror movies are either excruciatingly predictable or they truly are scary and I’m left terrified and unable to sleep for nights on end. Lose, lose. I showed my holiday spirit this year by putting up a few Halloween decorations around the house and wearing this cooler than cool Bones Couture top I grabbed from Pink and Silver Fashion last weekend. I was all about skulls this year it seems, this shirt and even the face makeup I chose with Priv (here).

Fixin to Thrill: A blog for Fashion Lovers

I have a confession, I have felt like a complete liar you guys, but really there’s no way I could’ve known. I thought I was all about emerald green and navy for Fall, remember? I went on and on about how those were definitely my colors for this fall here, well turns out that maroon and blush have really turned out to be my first choices. I’m sorry guys, I had no idea this romantic color combo would lure me away from my earthy/chic color choice beginnings a mere weeks ago. Honestly though, can you blame me? These hues were made for each other.

Fixin to Thrill: A blog for Fashion Lovers

I rocked this simple look to a small blogger brunch with some of Austin’s most fashionable ladies, spent laughing, eating, informing, encouraging and all around being badasses. #GIRLPOWER
I may or may not have had the best Pumpkin Bread French toast EVER.

Fixin to Thrill: A blog for Fashion Lovers

TopShop being inside Nordstrom, as I’ve mentioned before is just everything to me, my wallet not so much. Need a new cocktail dress, i’m there. Need new skinny jeans, boom there and on this day I needed some fall staples. Do you remember which of these cuties I took home with me?

Fixin to Thrill: A blog for Fashion Lovers

I got nominated and essentially placed third(OMG right?! Ah it was crazy) last month for Culture Map Austin’s Style Maker Award, well they hosted a little party for all of us and this is what I wore. Obviously, I couldn’t wait to jump on that pastel trend.

If there are ever any outfits on Instagram that you want to know more information about just shoot me over a message or an email!

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