On Wednesday’s We Want Sales

I rarely focus on just one store for my sales posts but this week I couldn’t leave the Urban Outfitters site without reaching my weekly max on spending, so for the sake of my own savings I had to stop looking for other sales. Yes, I lack self control…the first step is admitting you have a problem. But as you guys know from last week I’m all about make up and skincare right now trying to get all set for my spring/summer skin and I came across the most darling of products at Urban Outfitters, including hair perfume and mineral dry oil for your hair and skin, sugar scrubs and even some temporary tattoos (perfect for lounging poolside). Oh, and did I mention all of these items are 20% off along with 20% off other select beauty items, ending today. Here were some of my buys and some wants still on the wishlist:



Xx Sylvia

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