New Orleans: What to Pack

New Orleans: What to Pack

New Orleans has long been a favorite travel destination of mine; between the culture, architecture and food it’s unlike most places I travel to (see beachy hangout). If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat then you may have already caught on that I was supposed to be going to NOLA last Monday but postponed my trip due to the weather.

Well, I’m off to New Orleans.

The weather is still iffy/spotty; there’s definitely still rain in the forecast but it’s Spring and that’s kind of to be expected, right? If you’ve never been to New Orleans in the Spring, think Miami minus the beach. It’s very humid and muggy with scattered showers and then sunshine. Dressing in lightweight clothing is imperative, a nice sundress or romper will be key. For the most part everyone is dressed fairly casual but you do come across the sporadic seersucker suited gentleman accompanying his southern belle donned in the sweetest ladylike getup. Like I said though, very sporadic.

What I packed:

  • Shoes: I plan to be walking a LOT so flats, comfy sandals and a block heeled sandal for nights was all I packed in the shoe department. The streets of the French Quarter are paved in cobblestone so a thin heel is a definite ankle breaker, aka a big NO!
  • Dresses: Like I mentioned, its pretty casual so a few day dresses are all you’ll need. Throw in a  LBD for a romantic dinner or night out (outside of Bourbon Street)
  • Tops: Crop tops, crop tops, crop tops… I can’t say it enough. IT’S HUMID. If you don’t feel comfortable in a crop definitely pack some lightweight tank tops and blouses. I’ve been obsessed with open side tanks, layered over a cute bralette.
  • Shorts/Skirts: Casual is key, denim cutoffs would be perfect, I packed my white ones. So would cotton shorts with fun patterns. Skater skirts are also a great option in lighter fabrics.
  • Accessories: Here’s where you get to have fun; pack hats, sunnies, rings, necklaces, some lightweight scarves and a couple bold lipsticks, a red and a fuchsia. You’re definitely going to need an umbrella as well as something to combat frizz in your hair, trust me.
  • Bags: I can’t stress it enough, bring a cross body bag, it’s safer and it keeps your hands free and functional. I don’t know if you know this but you can drink on the streets in NOLA so you’re gonna want a free hand for your phone (for pictures) and one to hold a hurricane (because when in Rome)

I hope this packing guide helps you prepare for a trip to New Orleans!

Do you have any upcoming travel plans?
Xx Sylvia

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