Pink Ruffles


All Valentine’s week (that’s a thing right?) I just wanna wear pink. All week long, but in reality I usually just paint my nails pink. Love is in the air, it’s slightly mixed with a hint of fresh asphalt, car fumes and rain but nonetheless love is in the air, I just don’t own that much pink. I do own this pink top that I bought two summers ago to show off my tan (words you’ll rarely hear me say) and I swear every time I put it on I feel so dressed up. It has to be the ruffles, it’s the only thing I own with ruffles, I may like ruffles? I like the word at least, ruffle, ruffle, ruffle. There did I say it enough?


Day one of Valentine’s week and I’m all dressed up in pink and ruffles and leather oh and leopard print. Basically the making for a party, an outfit party.





Couldn’t find the exact shoes I’m wearing but here are some similar party shoes!   Save  |  Invest


P  I  E  C  E  D    O  U  T  :

Happy Monday, as if!
Xx Sylvia


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