Playing with Proportions


I don’t know about you guys but come Spring I’m jonesin to pull out my crop tops. Now if only I had the same strong desire to do ab workouts, maybe one day. I love styling a cropped shirt with a high-waisted pant, especially a relaxed trouser and the start of the season usually provides the perfect weather for just that. I dress fairly conservatively in the sense that I don’t show a ton of skin unless you count leg, which come on…that doesn’t count! But seriously, I don’t typically wear very revealing outfits. Nothing too low cut, nothing sheer and I don’t think I’ve ever done a crop top with a short short or skirt, it’s just not me. I prefer a peak of skin here or there, it’s sexier to me to leave something to the imagination. To ooze confidence by styling an outfit impeccably, adding thoughtful details. Now that’s sexy.



Crop: Shein
Overalls: Forever 21
Sandals: H&M
Bag: Zara
Sunnies: Shein
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Lips: Baby lips

Xx Sylvia

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