Prepping for Fall early with Shein


When the temperatures are steadily climbing the last thing on your mind is shopping for Fall, I know, but it’s time to slowly start working your anchor “cool weather” pieces in.


I like to start with my layering pieces, the stuff I might actually get some use out of now as well-that way I don’t feel like I’m buying things but not having new clothes. You know what I mean? Basic crew neck tee’s are always on my shopping list, especially in silk varieties (like this one) or stripes. They’re easy to layer and never go out of style.


I always grab a few new cardigans as well, last year I was obsessed with duster cardi’s and will most likely stick to oversized styles this year too. I tend to stick to solid colors in muted tones; your olives, tans and greys but have been known to grab a leopard print one to toss in the mix.


Lightweight outerwear is a MUST, year round for me but especially in the Fall. The light briskness we experience in Texas well into December means that we have more of a Fall than a Winter so light weight really is key.


This lightweight jacket here for instance is the epitome of transitional. It’s oversized, breezy and the perfect year round color. It comes with a sash style belt that I decided to wear as a skinny scarf/choker today but will definitely use to tie at the waist when I need to keep the warmth in.


Apart from clothing, you have to start adding variety to your accessories because these are the details that are going to differentiate your looks. Pre-fall your best bet is to start keeping an eye out for skinny scarfs, oversized scarfs, beanies, printed stockings and hats. Jewelry is a year round need but in the fall I notice that I start looking more for layering necklaces of varying lengths and handfuls of statement rings.





Jacket: c/o Shein
Tank: Nordstrom
Skort: Zara, similar
Heels: Sam Edelman
Necklaces: Hamsa,  Layering
Bag: Forever 21, similar
Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Xx Sylvia

Some of the items in this post were gifted to me but all opinions are my own.

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