Runway, My Way: Tibi FW15

Fixin to Thrill | Austin Fashion Blog: Tibi FW2015

I’ve been obsessed with runway shows for as long as I can remember, I swore I was going to be a runway model until reality set in that this frame would go no higher than 5’6″. It was the saddest of days but I’m still pretty obsessed with runway shows for other reasons. Hello, first peeks at the upcoming season, what’s not to love? Though technically I currently lack the bank account to shop off the runway, I do like to take my seasonal inspiration from what I see. Today I did just that. While watching the Tibi runway show (again & again) I noticed the deep blues, classic hues and fun pops of pastels all of which fit so effortlessly into the fall feel of the outfits and I took notes. I then decided to share those notes with you dollfaces! Here’s some fall fashion inspiration Tibi style.


Xx Sylvia

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