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Texas is king when it comes to weather not cold enough for a jacket but still too chilly for a light sweater. Living here my entire life you learn that the search for the perfect weighted sweater is endless, until now. The wonderful ladies at Lily and Shi sent me over a nice little package and one of the items included was this lovely Caramel Sweater. This sweater, apart from going with essentially everything in my closet, is the perfect weight. It’s just heavy enough for those chilly days that don’t quite call for a coat.

The boutique itself, Lily and Shi, has so many cute items to choose from. I got this sweater, the Diana Vest (that I wore here) and the infamous blanket scarf that has already graced so many Instagram pictures and gotten a lot of love from you guys. They even offered me a discount code to give to you guys, take 10% off the entire site with the code “Sylvia10“. I know I’m going to be using it myself to order this cozy sweater, this super chic turtleneck and these amazing olive joggers.


Xx Sylvia

A huge thank you to Lily and Shi for sponsoring this post and to my readers for supporting the brands that support my blog.

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