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What’s wrong with the photo above?
I’ll give you a second to spot it…

Fixed to Thrill | Blogging & Photography

I did an entire photoshoot with one of my pant leg’s cuffed and one undone. An ENTIRE shoot y’all!  This was the third outfit I was shooting on a very hot day-“over a hundred degree hot” day. A steamy but also very windy day-can’t control your hair, windy. I wanted to shoot a few new tops and shoes I had gotten with two different pairs of pants. After shooting the first outfit outside in direct sunlight for about thirty minutes I was covered in sweat. Getting the skin tight skinny jeans off were proving to be quite a problem so I improvised. The only difference between this pair and the other were knee slits and a slight color variance, no big deal. First outfit-I wore the jeans straight. After not being able to change I just decided to cuff the pants to give them a different vibe for the second look. Come time to shoot this look, look number three, and I was sooo hot y’all. My shirt was sticking to me and my forehead was bubbling with sweat. I was getting fussy, impatient and just over it period. Then in my hot, grumpy, micro-managing state I unfolded one pant-leg while totally forgetting the other due to excessive whining leading me to shoot over two hundred photos with one pant leg cuffed. Unfortunately this and things like this happen far too often and that leads me to the not-so-glamorous side of blogging-the behind the scenes prep and outtakes.

   You usually see just these images, the slightly edited (mostly brightness levels) and my fave of the faves. The maybe ten photos that make it into a blog post out of the 3o minutes to an hours worth of photos I actually take, which can sometimes be hundreds. That’s right, I have to comb through about a hundred or so photos that all look basically the same in one sense or another and pick out the top ones to use to showcase my outfit to you guys. So imagine my frustration after spending all of that time sweating while trying to look calm and collected only to see that my legs are completely different in EVERY photo. A wasted outfit, or real life? I decided to share them-my non-blogger friends didn’t think anyone would notice but I wanted to point it out because it’s real life. Shooting can be exhausting, time consuming and more than anything it takes dedication because it’s not all blogger parties and swag bags. It’s sweating your ass off trying to get the best angles in whatever spare time you have so that you can get a new blog post out and changing in the back seat of cars. It’s trying to stay authentic, up to speed, relevant and unique in a sea of talented, like-minded babes…basically it’s hard work. Then after all that hard work there are still times that you just won’t get it right no matter what.

 Fixed to Thrill | Blogging & Photography

Fixed to Thrill | Blogging & Photography

Fixed to Thrill | Blogging & Photography

Fixed to Thrill | Blogging & Photography


Top: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Paige, Hoxton High Rise
Wedges: Aldo, similar (under $60)
Clutch: c/o Claire V.
Sunglasses: Similar
Watch: c/o Timex
Necklace: c/o Gorjana
Earrings: c/o Adore Jewelry
Bracelet: c/o Pura Vida

Xx Sylvia

Some of the items in this post were gifted to me, all opinions are my own.

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