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Waking up early isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, hell one of my closest friends consistently wakes up around noon (or later). I try to get up no later than 10am most days, sometimes to no success and that’s just because I gotta see my Wendy Williams in the morning. There’s just something about having to set an alarm that completely turns me off to early mornings. I’m all about the natural process of waking up when you’re ready not to the blaring sound of an alarm, which is why today I thought I’d share my top reasons for setting an alarm, the only times I’ll force myself out of a peaceful slumber.

Fixin to Thrill | Austin Fashion Blog | Style Blog

Fixin to Thrill | Austin Fashion Blog | Style Blog

Work or School. This is kind of a given, if you have a 9-5 or morning classes get your butt up. Being dependable and consistent when it comes to school and work makes all of the difference in your life. Only you have the ability to make the decision about whether or not to go to school or where you decide to work, so once you make those choices give it your all.

Fixin to Thrill | Austin Fashion Blog | Style Blog


Morning Coffee/Brunch. One of the most common things I’ll set an alarm for is breakfast, or rather breakfast dates. It’s the most important meal of the day, combine that with good friends, pancakes and mimosas and I’m sure to be up early. I probably plan more brunch dates with my girlfriends than happy hours. There are also those mornings you would rather work at a coffee shop than within your home office. I know working from home for me can sometimes feel isolating, making the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop feel like a nice change of scenery.



You’re more productive. Even if you aren’t really “more productive” you are at the very least up earlier, which means more hours, therefore you have more time to get things done. Since getting our dog (and now letting her sleep next to our bed) there are some mornings she’ll wake up at the crack of dawn wanting to be let outside. On those mornings I always have a small internal debate on whether I should just stay up or go back to bed. The days I do stay up I feel like anything is possible. You can still smell traces of the night in the air, feel the dewy mist, watch the sunrise, it’s invigorating being up that early. I start replying to those emails, knocking out chores and even really watching the morning news while having my coffee. I have to admit, it’s the early morning days that I feel I have the most ‘million dollar ideas‘ I don’t know what it is but it’s like my mind is working harder.



Fixin to Thrill | Austin Fashion Blog | Style Blog

Sales. The early bird gets the worm was probably first said by a woman showing off a shiny new purchase to a jealous friend. If you’re planning on hitting up sales it’s good to get there early, to have the first run of the place. I’m not just talking about Black Friday sales which obviously, get there first! Treating every big sale that you’re excited about as if every other girl in your city is equally as stoked will definitely give you the motivation you need to be there bright and early for all of the best picks. Speaking of sales & best picks, below I’ve handpicked some of the best 40% off sale items, hurry before the other bird gets the worm!!

Are you and early bird?
Xx Sylvia


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