What to Pack for Art Basel in Miami

You guys, I’m so excited to be going to Miami on Wednesday. Yes, I know, I’ve been a hundred times… so what makes this trip so exciting? Art Basel! I’ve never been and I’ve been dying to go ever since first hearing about it years ago. For those of you not in the know, Art Basel is a huge international art fair that takes place in three cities annually; Miami, Hong Kong and Basel, Switzerland.
Before I start packing I like to organize my itinerary to really ensure that I’m choosing outfits/pieces that are going to be used and actually make sense. This was especially important for me this time around because I’m attending a number of events. My typical packing list when heading to South Beach consists of bathing suits, sundresses and a few going out looks-your basic beach trip essentials. But like I said, Art Basel, it’s a huge deal y’all. It’s like the NYFW for the art community, which means parties, RSVP’s and even celebs. My first plan of action was to do a little research, I started where all smart people start-blogs. I checked out some of my favorite bloggers coverage of their own experiences at Art Basel, like Payton or Aimee and drew some inspiration from them then got started online and in store shopping. Like SXSW I went ahead and RSVP’d for just about everything that was sent my way, keeping my options open. I’m especially excited to attend the Aqua Art Miami VIP Preview Party, Bacardi’s No Commission Party, an Urban Legends Showcase ft. artists such as Banksy & Basquiat and the Vegas: Alter Your Reality experience at the Zadok Gallery. I even got invited to have breakfast at an early showing with a couple of artists, I’m freaking out you guys!! (Be sure you’re following me on Instagram for all of the behind the scenes shenanigans). After entering everything into my iCal I started really breaking down which showings I’d be able to make it to and decided to build outfits around each event, leading me to my final packing guide.
  1. It’s winter so booties are in heavy rotation. I packed a low heeled, patent leather option to chic up a couple outfits. The shape is trendy and modern and the patent material is ideal in the sub-tropics.
  2. A LBD or LBR (little black romper) is key when packing for any vacation. I’m bringing my favorite Elizabeth and James romper that has the cutest ruffled detailing, giving it a modern romantic feel. I can layer it over a tee shirt, like here, or wear it on it’s own for a fun night out look.
  3. Statement Sunnies are a must for any beach trip and Miami is a time to go bold and chic.
  4. Glam details are a must for a South Beach night, I’m bringing strappy heels, fun cocktail purses and classic jewelry.
  5. Monochromatic suiting is everywhere right now, I decided to pack a burgundy suit look that utilizes a pair of velvet pants I bought last winter that will be perfect for a night party or even an artist’s talk.
  6. Small forms of storage. Some of the events invites I received said specifically “no bags allowed” so I’m bringing a card holder and chic purse alternative in the form of a fanny pack and micro-crossbody bag.
  7. Sunblock & Tinted Moisturizer, it goes without needing much explanation.
  8. A second phone battery/charger. Let’s be honest with ourselves, between snapchat, Instagram and basic vacation photos you’d already need this but throw in having to pull up directions and party invites and you absolutely better have another charged battery with you.
  9. Swim tops that double as tops. I may be running around to events but I’m still near the beach so I want to stay ready to hop in the water at any given moment. Wearing a bathing suit with a top that doubles as a crop top is easy, smart dressing if you ask me.

I hope this guide gives you a great starting point to plan you’re own trip to Art Basel! Maybe next year? Let me know if so-or if you’ll be there this year and don’t forget to follow my stories on Instagram!

Xx Sylvia

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