Where To Get The Best French Vanilla Lattes in Austin

Where would I be without coffee?

Still asleep, or yelling at everyone who makes eye-contact with me, turning green and busting through walls…the point is we don’t want to find out. It’s bad enough if you’re with me when I get a bad cup of coffee. Cue the pouting, cue the passive aggressiveness-I won’t go get another cup but I’ll continuously whine about how terrible the last one was, which I no doubt only drank a fourth of. I will not force my way through anything that doesn’t taste great to me, I just can’t, I’ve never been able to. AKA I’m picky y’all. But back to coffee, the item I am the most picky about actually. & sure, according to most I don’t even drink coffee, just cream and sugar. It’s called a French Vanilla Latte and it’s life. And regardless, that coffee/cream/sugar balance has to be on point.

I used to have FVL’s from one place and one place only. For years I would be there every morning and most days in the afternoon as well. At one point I even lived 22 minutes away and would still hold out on FVL’s until I could get there. Then one day they just closed, literally out of nowhere. I tried so many FVL’s without any success. Sure there were one’s that were bearable but none that I truly craved. Rather than give up and forever sustain myself with house made coffee, yuck, or iced chai’s (which I love but sometimes you need more) I decided to keep trying new spots, mostly local, until I found the one. Luckily, at that time “the one” meant whichever most closely reminded me of my long departed so even when I found a great cup I continued my search for the ultimate cup. I still haven’t found the one but I’m starting to think that there may not be just one. Each of these coffee shops have better than average French Vanilla Lattes (in no particular order), cheers!

Nordstrom Ebar
Ok, now this is not a local coffee shop but I couldn’t make a list of my favorite FVL’s without mentioning the Ebar. When I worked at Nordstrom I’m pretty sure 30% of my blood was made up of this stuff. They are so yummy, hot or cold. Though I prefer iced. Check out the Domain location and take your coffee to sit on their large patio for perfect people watching.
Multiple Locations

Cafe 605
Located within the Hotel Van Zandt and oozing the same masculine sophistication, it’s one of my favorite shops to set up and work on my laptop or enjoy a good book with my coffee.
605 Davis St, Austin, TX 78701, http://www.hotelvanzandt.com/austin-restaurants/cafe-605

Cafe Medici
Yum. Just yum. Plus I love any local business that supports local artisans. You can shop the art straight off the walls in this hipster chic coffee shop. There are multiple Cafe Medici’s around town, I particularly like the S. Lamar location.
Multiple Locations, https://caffemedici.com 

This Austin staple has been around forever for a reason. The coffee is amazing, the South Congress location is perfect for people watching and site seeing. Plus, if you’re visiting you HAVE to take a picture in front of the infamous “I love you so much” wall located on the side of the building.
1300 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704, www.joscoffee.com 

Situated right on town lake, this is one of my favorite spots to sit outside and work during Spring or Fall. Couple that with the wide assortment of pastries and cakes and it’s hard to beat.
3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703, www.mozartscoffee.com 

Iced French Vanilla Latte over crushed ice. Yes, crushed ice. It just makes any drink better, right? On top of having pretty great FVL’s they also have a house style, Irene’s Original, that is a buttery creamy blend of greatness in a cup.
506 West Ave, Austin, TX 78701, http://irenesaustin.com/

Juan Pelota Cafe
Located inside of Mellow Johnny’s bike shop, this unique space offers up snacks, Stumptown coffee and laid back vibes.
400 Nueces St, Austin, TX 78701, https://www.juanpelotacafe.com

Stouthaus Coffee Pub
Not only does this coffee shop have great FVL’s they also have an unbeatable Nitro coffee as well. Doesn’t hurt that it’s located next to a Pizza shop and an ice cream parlor either…literally all of my favorites in one strip.
4715 S Lamar Blvd #102, Sunset Valley, TX 78745, www.stouthauscoffee.com 

Tiny Boxwoods
Cookies and Coffee. I repeat, cookies and coffee y’all. Both are amazing at this adorable gem in north central Austin.
1503 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78703, www.tinyboxwoods.com

What’s your go to coffee order?
Xx Sylvia

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