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Fixin to Thrill | Wisewear

How amazing is this gold cuff bracelet?

What if I told you that its not just a completely chic statement piece but can also track activity (like a fancy fit-bit), deliver alerts via custom vibrations and also send out a distress call to your entire emergency contact list if needed? Oh, and its water proof. How amazing is it now? & also there are three different styles, The Kingston, The Calder (mine) and The Duchess and each style comes in gold or silver.

Fixin to Thrill | Wisewear

But lets talk more about these features…

Custom vibration patterns to alert you of incoming messages, emails, calendar notifications and calls mean the end of “Did my phone just go off?” Now…you know.

It also goes far beyond just tracking steps, this bracelet calculates the distance you’ve traveled, when you were active and when you weren’t, even how many calories you burned.  I’ve been using an app on my phone and seriously can’t tell you how many times I forget to carry my phone with me ergo missing steps. The sleek design fits seamlessly into my wardrobe and is classic enough to wear daily.

What excites me the most has to be the distress messaging feature. Having something on your wrist that at any given time you can discreetly tap to instantly alert your emergency contacts that you’re in distress along with your exact location is life changing. You even have the option to send a recording of your surroundings to them, both sound and video. Talk about a bracelet making you feel more confident.



Fixin to Thrill | Wisewear


Overalls: Shein
Tank: c/o Kiki Nass
Bag: Zara old but this one is close
Necklace: The Windom c/o  Beaded by W
Cuff: Wisewear 
Flats: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21

Xx Sylvia

All Photos: Lyda Ham Photography

5 comments so far.
  • gina blades

    I love the Duchess collection.

    • I do too! & my dog is named Duchess so I almost felt like I HAD to wear that one but I was too smitten by the Calder

      Xx Sylvia

  • Gerald Wilmink, PhD

    I am a big fan of the Calder 😉 Wisewear.com

    • I am seriously obsessed even without all of the amazing features its a beautiful bracelet.

      Xx Sylvia

      • Gerald Wilmink, PhD

        Thank you Sylvia

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