Your Local Art Gallery, the Streets



The other day the boyfriend and I were driving around east, central Austin and came across an entire block of graffiti that urged us to bust a U-turn and check it out. There were quotes, stenciled bicycles, more quotes and a plethora of doodles.



As we were walking around being super touristy, snapping photos and what not, we came across the creepiest abandoned building with the most beautiful, ornate door. We HAD to snap some pictures you guys.


The only problem was that I was legitimately scared to walk up those stairs. No joke. This building wasn’t just kind of creepy, this building was ‘stop a 27 year old woman in her steps’ creepy.  It took me a minute to build up enough courage to walk up a measly 2 steps.


We snapped a few pictures, faster than ever before, then I literally ran down those two steps and down the sidewalk. Gone!



But as we drove away I started to think about all of the change in the past few years here in Austin and how likely it is that I may never see this door again. This condemned building is probably weeks away from getting turned into an income property.



 We spent the remainder of the day cruising around town checking out different parts of the city and all of the great graffiti Austin has to offer along with the beautiful architecture, both old and new around downtown.



It’s amazing how much art you can come across in the streets and alley-way’s of your city. Spend a day driving around and notice all of the details and quirks your city has to offer. I know I for one am really appreciating my hometown right now.

Keep Austin Weird,
Xx Sylvia


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