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How strange that I was just telling you all to get prepared for sandals and shorts and then here I am wearing faux-fur days later… and by strange I mean completely annoying. Texas weather man, you would think after living here my entire life I’d be used to the bipolar patterns, but nope.



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I don’t know about you but I have zero wiggle room in my closet and dressers, I’ve completely shopped myself into a corner. I know, cry me a river right? But seriously, it’s a real dilemma, on one hand I love all of my things and can even see the very necessary need for more but on the other hand I’m an obsessive clean freak who just can’t function unless everything has its own particular spot. I find myself in this endless cycle of packing away things until they are needed again but there in lies the problem…it’s always as though a day after I’ve packed up my faux-furs, gloves and heavy scarves the temperature decides to nosedive into unfriendly territory once again. So there I am, unpacking and repacking, once again I’m left staring at my stuff wondering what I will or won’t need this week, never really knowing. The only thing I can really be sure of is the fact that I need a bigger closet.



The last time I packed up seasonal clothing I decided to play it smart and keep a few key pieces out like this faux-fur, faux-leather vest I bought this past winter. The entire inside is lined with the softest faux-fur, it keeps me so warm and is one of my most complimented pieces. While looking for a faux-fur vest I really wanted to break away from the typical full fur look and go for something a little more chic and high fashion. I decided on this vest for so many reasons, first off the inner lining like I mentioned is so warm but what sets this vest apart from other fur vests is the fact that it zips up snuggly to about your collar (this came in handy in NYC under my coat), secondly, because the outside is faux-leather its a lot less bulky and can be worn under coats as opposed to just being worn over them (I wear it both ways) but when you do wear it zipped up under your coat the collar looks like a perfect fur scarf and did I mention I scored this bad boy on sale for only $60?!




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Impatiently waiting for warmer weather.
Xx Sylvia

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