Friday Fix: Swimwear

I have one thing and one thing only on my mind today, swimwear. The countdown to my yearly birthday trip has begun and there are T minus 22 days til I’m boarding a plane to Miami guys, ah cannot wait. With all of the daydreaming about my upcoming days on the beach I realized, not one of these daydreams involve a bathing suit I already own, um time to shop obvi. I’m typically a bikini girl but while online shopping I was drawn to so many one pieces that I feel like I should at least order one. Although, since it will be my first one piece since I don’t know, elementary I’ll probably need to head to the mall and try some on first just to ensure that I like the fit and look on my body. Always try new styles on at a store before ordering online since it can be more of a hassle to exchange or return. Over the past two summers I went crazy buying the crop style tops (like this one) because they give a little extra coverage and this year I have to say I need no more, fully stocked in that department, however I have zero halter tops with full coverage. I never bought them previously because I never wanted those tan lines but now that I’m getting closer to 30 than 20 sunscreen and shade are my two best friends, long gone are the days that I roast myself in the sun so tan lines needn’t worry me. You guys know that when I search high and low for something specific I share the findings with you, this week was no exception, so without further ado please check out these suuuuuuper cute bathing suits and cover ups that I found!

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