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I remember hearing for-EVER ago that nobody should be shopping off the rack and wearing it out. That one size fits all clothing isn’t realistic. Whether its hemming, a little taking in at the waist or even ix-naying a sleeve all together, alterations are supposed to be the next stop before wearing said clothing. I don’t know about you guys but that’s not always the case for me; more times than not I’m choosing what fits “best” rather than having it tailored to fit perfectly.

Well, recently I’ve discovered Eshakti and it has been a complete game changer. Firstly, the customization options are endless; you start with the item you love, tell them your exact measurements and from there you truly get to make a piece your own. You can change up the length of your dresses, which I love. I’m always finding mini’s I’d love to see as maxi’s and vice versa, now I have the option! Speaking of dress lengths, you can also add a few extra inches to a dress you know you’ll be wearing with heels-see what I mean, GAME CHANGER! That’s not all though, you can remove pockets and embroidery, change a neckline and even sleeve styles and lengths. Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “This dress has to take forever to get to me” & you couldn’t be more wrong. Each dress only takes between 12-18 days, and I’m talking from the time you order to the time you’re trying on the most perfect fitting garment you’ve ever encountered.




Finding a maxi dress that was long enough but also fitted was almost impossible, I had thought I found a few gems but then was limited to wearing flats only. Finding a retailer that offers on trend styles and endless customization is every girls dream, not just us taller ones. #amiright





Dress: c/o Eshakti
Hat: c/o Pink and Silver Fashion
Ring: House of Harlow
Cuff: Forever 21

Xx Sylvia

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