Not just today, but all month long

If you’re friends with me on Facebook then you’ve probably already heard the awesome news…If not you should totally go like my page because sometimes I share exciting news like I don’t know…

Romwe is offering 50% off all shorts the entire month of May.

Seriously! The timing couldn’t be more perfect, May in Texas is right when jeans no longer become a daily option, half off is gonna go far. I searched the Romwe site and was not disappointed, the shorts destination for stocking up ladies! There were athletic/chic, white, denim, patterned, leather and knit shorts for every occasion and this sale is NO Joke! You have all month so don’t miss out! Come July be happy with the decisions you make right now, I know I will be! Check out these picks from the sale, just some of my favorites. Head over to Romwe to see the full inventory of shorts and see what I’m talking about!





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