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Top: Buffalo Exchange | Leather-look shorts & Bangle: Forever 21| Camera Bag: Rebecca Minkoff via Nordstrom Rack | Sandals: Target | Sunglasses: Cole Haan | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs





When is the appropriate time to wear essentially skin tight red leather shorts?

Probably not on a 96 degree September day in Texas but I never claimed to be the most appropriate. I never claimed to be the “most” anything but that’s neither here nor there. You ever say (or in my case type something) and immediately think to yourself “Yup, I am my ______” *insert mother, grandmother etc, because I just did that very thing? Oh well, I love my grandma! Love you grandma, someone has a birthday coming up this month!

Ok, ok back to these shorts, definitely not suitable for the weather but how about paired with this cutout, color blocked top? Swoon. I found this top for-ev-er ago at Buffalo Exchange and it somehow got thrown in with my casual tanks and lost in the abyss but alas I found it and have a renewed sense of excitement over outfit possibilities. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of the side and back cutout detail but I was being such a goober this day and could not shake my shyness in front of the camera.

This whole blogging thing is still pretty new to me, less than a year, so being in front of the camera is still something that can feel pretty overwhelming. Not to mention I’ve lived with pretty intense shyness and anxiety for my whole life. On the day we shot this particular outfit the most opportune time to shoot happened to be at the highest traffic time and fall on one of the busiest roads in Austin, for dining, driving and foot traffic. Insert mini panic attack. Unfortunately, the shyness won this shoot because I didn’t get you guys the angles I wish I would have. Don’t fret though, with each shoot, each new connection made and every new post published I get a little more confident in what I’m doing. Thank all of you guys for reading everyday, leaving your sweet messages and reaching out to me through social media! I love hearing from you, it means more than you know.

Love you ALL!
Xx Sylvia


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