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Hey guys! I’ve never done a giveaway on the blog, or really talked about the one’s I’m doing on Instagram before but today I’ve decided to partner with Sudara to gift one of you guys this super cool “I have a dream”, -MLK JR. shirt that I’m high-key obsessed with. Not only have I already worn it to work out/shoot in but I’ve also paired it with white skinny jeans and a denim skirt on other occasions, I love it! This top fits well, has a great quote and the company producing it is giving back in ways that make you feel so proud to wear it.

Where your clothes are made, how they are made and who makes them have never been on the minds of more people than in recent times. With the rise of fast fashion sites offering designer dupes for pennies on the dollar you can’t help but to wonder where these items are coming from? Or rather, how anyone is making a profit with these prices while still being able to offer quality work environments. As you dig deeper too often you’re faced with unsettling conditions and unfair wages for workers. That’s why ethical fashion brands are so important for us to support. Recently, I learned of Sudara; their line, mission and accomplishments are more than noteworthy. Their sole mission is to offer at risk women in India with training, education and the means to escape a future or past of sex trafficking. Since 2006 Sudara has been offering women a path to freedom through fair-wage, steady employment with the goal to equip them with the skills to never have to rely on using their bodies to survive. Sudara has partnered with various sewing centers throughout India, giving women skills and opportunities they would have otherwise never had. Besides sewing Sudara offers training in other areas including cosmetology and business development courses, micro loans and even housing for women and their children-so no matter the dream they have the path.

Head over to my Instagram for details on how to win this shirt for yourself and check out the Sudara site for more on their amazing work.


Top: c/o  Sudara
Yoga Pants: Sudara
Earrings: Nadri

Xx Sylvia

This post was done in collaboration with Sudara, all opinions are my own.

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