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If you’ve recently read my blog, watched my Snaps, checked out my Instagram or even liked my Facebook then you know that I just went to New Orleans a couple weeks ago. I shared a packing and a travel guide and I’ve just been talking about it nonstop because I had such a great time.

This was one of the outfits I wore while I was on vacation; I typically pack a lot of black, white and grey and then throw in accessories, bags and shoes to complete different looks. Scarves have been a favorite add on of mine for many years, in all styles. I’ve been particularly partial to silk handkerchief scarves as of lately. This yellow cutie was a find while vintage shopping in Austin a few weeks ago but this Kate Spade one is so chic and I love this one too!


My Rifle & Radford ring has been a constant companion to my hand since it arrived in the mail. This ring just seems to complete any look, it’s a no-brainer which is ironic because so much thought goes into the making of each one of these unique rings. Locally handcrafted by designer Melanie RR Edwards, a native Texan who’s held apprenticeships with various major design houses such as Donna Karan at Urban Zen, Amy Smilovic at Tibi and Oscar de la Renta. Her designs are all southwestern inspired and one of a kind, you guys gotta check out her site-
& congratulate her on her 5 year anniversary this summer via Instagram!











Crop: Nordstrom (On Sale!)
Skirt: Nordstrom
Heels: Love these from Sabo Skirt
Scarf: Love this one!
Bag: c/o Melie Bianco
Sunglasses: Nordstrom
Ring: Amethyst Geode Cocktail ring c/o Rifle & Radford 

Xx Sylvia

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